In the competitive world of businesses, the ability to offer attractive discounts and promotions can be a deciding factor in attracting and retaining clients. Recognizing this need, we've incorporated a comprehensive Discounts feature in our CRM software, designed to streamline your promotional activities and drive the growth of your business.

Flexible Discount Management

Our Discounts feature allows you to manage discounts with great flexibility and precision. Whether it's a percentage off, a flat rate discount, or a service bundle offer, you can create and customize your discounts based on your business needs and strategies. You can apply these discounts to specific services, products, or even client groups, giving you control over your promotions.

Attract New Clients

Discounts and promotions are a proven method of attracting new clients. With our Discounts feature, you can easily create enticing offers to draw in potential clients. Whether it's a first-time visit discount or a seasonal promotion, these initiatives can significantly enhance your business reach and client acquisition.

Client Retention and Loyalty

The Discounts feature is not only about attracting new clients but also about rewarding and retaining existing ones. By offering loyalty discounts, birthday specials, or VIP offers, you can enhance client satisfaction and loyalty, encouraging repeat visits and long-term client relationships.

Streamlined Application and Tracking

Our CRM software makes it easy to apply discounts at the point of sale and keeps track of all discounts given. This not only simplifies the checkout process but also gives you a clear view of your discount strategy's impact, helping you understand which promotions are most effective.

Automated Notifications

To ensure your clients are aware of your special offers, the Discounts feature can send automated notifications about ongoing or upcoming discounts. These messages can be sent via email or SMS directly from the CRM, making sure your clients never miss a good deal.

Revenue Management

By offering the right discounts, you can manage your revenue more effectively. During slower periods, discounts can stimulate demand and help maintain a steady cash flow. Our CRM software provides the tools to monitor this carefully, enabling you to optimize your discount strategies.

In conclusion, the Discounts feature in our CRM software is a powerful tool that supports your business growth by driving client acquisition and retention. It offers a flexible, streamlined, and effective way to manage your promotional activities. Harness the power of the Discounts feature to boost your business popularity and profitability.


The checkout system instantly deducts discount for customers that have been allocated a discount level by the Clinic manager/owner.

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