In today's digital world, where the competition is fierce, standing out is more than just a luxury; it's a necessity. Every business has its unique charm, and our mission is to help you amplify that to the world with effective marketing.

Marketing isn't just about promoting your brand. It's a strategic approach that integrates all aspects of your business into a single, cohesive message. It's about nurturing relationships with your clients, understanding their needs, and fulfilling them in the best possible way.

Why is Marketing Important for your business?

A. Discoverability: Your facility may offer the best treatments and services, but how can clients find you if they don't know you exist? Through strategic marketing, you'll increase your visibility and attract potential clients, enhancing your discoverability in the crowded wellness sector.

B. Engagement: Marketing provides a platform to engage with clients, understand their preferences, and receive their feedback. By communicating with them, you can adjust your offerings to meet their needs, consequently fostering client satisfaction and loyalty.

C. Differentiation: In a saturated market, uniqueness is a key element to attract attention. Marketing helps in showcasing what makes your business different and why clients should choose your services over others.

D. Growth: Effective marketing strategies not only retain existing clients but also help in acquiring new ones. It's a driving force that propels your business towards growth, ensuring long-term sustainability.

Transform your Business with Our CRM Software

Our CRM software is specifically designed for clinics, spas, and salons, enabling them to master their marketing strategies. This tool helps businesses deliver personalized experiences, manage relationships, track client interactions, and engage with their audience on various platforms.

Here's how our software can revolutionize your marketing efforts:

A. Personalized Marketing: Use our software to build comprehensive client profiles, track their preferences, and deliver personalized marketing messages. Not only does this create a more intimate connection with your clients, but it also drives engagement and loyalty.

B. Automated Campaigns: Save time and reduce manual labor with automated email and SMS marketing campaigns. Stay in touch with your clients, remind them of appointments, send them special offers, or simply express gratitude for their loyalty.

C. Analytics and Insights: Get access to actionable data and insights that can help refine your marketing strategies. Understand what works and what doesn't, so you can continuously optimize your approach to attract and retain clients.

Boost your business visibility, engage with your clients in a more personalized way, and differentiate your services from the competition with our CRM software. Start harnessing the power of marketing today and watch your business grow.

Marketing Techniques

With the great marketing automation technology we offer to handle much of the organizational grunt work, and tools to keep everything neat, a business can harness its inflow of bookings to start driving business results. Automated different activities it could save a lot of time to grow your business.

Ready to use Marketing Automation text and email

  1. Birthday Special : Wish Clients Happy Birthday with a special offer.
  2. First-Time Visitor Welcome : Drop campaign to welcome new clients and introduce upsell opportunities.
  3. Loyalty Program : Reward loyalty with a special offer for customer who visit X times a year or who purchase more. Reward with points, or vouchers, treatments or credit.
  4. Series Promotions : Drop campaigns to nurture prospects who have expressed interest but never visited. Promotions.
  5. Purchase Products : Friendly reminder based on appointments history.
  6. Tell us about your experience : Write a google review or an online booking review.


Real-time Promotion Automation


  1. Activate Boost, Send Via Email, Send Via Text
  2. When Do You Need A Boost MON;TUES;WED;THU;FRI;SAT;SUN Package/Membership
  3. Discounted Services, Specific Services, All-Services
  4. Who Can Be Targeted, All Contacts, 30 Days Since Last Visit
  5. Offer: Percent off, Money off, Custom
  6. See A Sample, Send A Test Email, Send A Test Text


Referral Program


  1. Create your new client offer. This offer is for new customers who have been referred. When a new customer is referred to your business, they will be invited to claim this new offer.
  2. Activate the referral program. Create new custom offers: Percent off / Money Off / Custom / Package/Membership. View a sample email.
  3. Ask clients to refer. Clients will automatically be asked to join your referral program after a recent visit. You can also share a dedicated link. Percent off / Money Off / Custom / Package/Membership. View a sample email.
  4. Reward the first referral. This reward is for existing clients who have referred. Customise the reward to a customer the first time one of their referrals books your new client offer. Percent off / Money Off / Custom / Package/Membership. View a sample email. 


Fill Last Minute Openings; Fill Slow Days

  1. Send Via Email : Send A Test Email.
  2. Send Via Text : Send A Test Text.
  3. Enable Discounts : Create Discount Codes.
  4. Custom Subject : Suggested or Custom.
  5. Utilisation Threshold : Less Than 50% Booked.
  6. See A Sample: Use Sample or Create Template

  7. Make sure you will connect your Leads generator tool, together with the Social Media Pixels for tracking and Google goals so you can track your marketing sources and treatment interest in real time.