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Online Bookings & Payments

Driving customers to the online booking on your website is a great way to start collecting new appointments from any device on new customers and existing customers.

Online Bookings & Payments

Thanks to the real-time fully-responsive connection with the software online from anywhere at any time, 24/7/365.

Run Automation Tree

Activating an automation, you in fact power up the business and turn on the engine that moves triggers and actions from step by step until they reach the goal and the end of the sequence. An active automation runs 24/7 until you stop it or delete it.

Manage Mobile-on-the-Go App iOS & Android

Manage Mobile-on-the-Go App iOS & Android

Your business in your pocket. The App allows you to engage and impress customers. ClinicSoftware.com solutions allows you to accomplish this faster by providing the perfect App, so you can focus on creative solutions and open for your business new appointments opportunities.


Set Subscriptions and manage Memberships

Proving membership plans makes the clinic services cost-effective for customers also the customer will come in more frequently. The membership plan strategy is among the popular and successful clinics advertising examples.

Connect the dots

Pulse Light Clinic

"In March we had a high increase in inquiries but our consultations were not matching, the moment we started the online bookings with ClinicSoftware.com the consultations just went through the roof. It has literally changed so much. This online booking system is working so well as it is an instant online thing. The functionality is perfect there is nothing to change."

Fully-Comprehensive CRM

ClinicSoftware.com gives your entire company a 360-degree view of your customers, appointments and facilitates collaboration across your organization, helping you build strong, lasting customer relationships to run and grow your business.

Fully-Comprehensive CRM

Grow Sales. Save Time. Get Organized.

Track Tasks

Track Tasks

Keep track of your team and daily tasks, organize multiple tasks, and track important deadlines with Tasks. Create and update your tasks, assign, connect with clients, email and text reminders with notes . Tasks synchronizes across all your company, so your team and tasks are in sync between your team.

perm_identity Founder Cosmebeaute

"I’m glad I chose to migrate with ClinicSoftware.com. Things are sorted very quickly, I’ve had instances where I have had to add consent forms for new treatments and they have been added within the hour because I have had patients waiting. It’s a really good service."

Connect the dots

CityLux Massage

"They are by far the most advanced clinic software in the industry. They have great features that are easy to use; not only for your office team but also for our therapists. We also have a mobile application which is really easy to use and it allows clients to make bookings straight from their phone"

trending_upSell gift cards
generate more sales

Sell gift cards
generate more sales

The Website is now the primary business driver for nearly every industry. From organic traffic to your website, to paid promotions and banner ads, a company’s reach is virtually limitless and has the ability to grow their sales exponentially by selling products online and taking online appointments and payments from new customers.

Customer Success Story

Epilium Skin

"I'm going to have to go with the iPad features. We just link the iPad straight to the system and the clients can sign with their fingers. There's no paper and no scanning so it's very easy for us."

bar_chart Marketing

Management Marketing

With the great marketing automation technology we offer to handle much of the organizational grunt work, and tools to keep everything neat, a business can harness its inflow of bookings to start driving business results.

bar_chart Marketing

Management Marketing

Automated different activities it could save a lot of time to grow your business.

trending_upGenerate Leads

Generate Leads

A lead is a person who has indicated interest in your business's services in some way, shape, or form. You can create unlimited forms to attract more leads from your website, social media and blogs. Attract more leads for your business. ATTRACT - CONVERT - CLOSE - REPEAT

Take your business with you, access from tablet

Take your business with you, access from tablet

As you consider Software solutions, it’s important to consider that the modern team, they are always on, always connected, and incredibly mobile. When considering any new tool, including the ClinicSoftware.com, you should make sure the technology enhances this shift in productivity, and fits into your team’s existing work flow.


Design Workflow Forms

Create simple and intuitive workflows in for your team to follow in order to save more time and get more organised. Using the workflow you can take and insert pictures into the forms, draw inside the forms, generate price quote and tasks in real-time.

perm_identity CEO Bloom Dubai

"I have been in meetings with a lot of different companies from here in Dubai as well and in the UK but then most of them were not really willing to customize or make any changes, they had this set software which they just wanted it to be taken that way so you had to adopt around them."

... Kanta Jethwani
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Real-Time connected with tablets to sign client consent forms, letters and notes. This has made it a lot easier for businesses to communicate and collaborate with their team to get organised and save space. ClinicSoftware.com saw the potential of this to power how businesses will manage their clients relationships more intelligently.


The new software allows you to plan and monitor a wide range of procedures using real pictures and templates. With a simple touch, you can add an injection of or any other procedure to a client’s treatment programme. You can also draw the wrinkles and lines on the face and body to record their position and track their progress.

Your Own Branded App

4 Ways A Mobile App Can Dramatically Improve your Salon Revenue And Create a Seamless Customer Experience

Push Notification Marketing

When you have a custom app, you get lock screen and home screen visibility for your brand. Push notifications are also an effective way to relay news, versus email blasts, because of visibility.


Stand Out From Your Competitors

Take a look at your top competitors. Do they have a booking app? Chances are they don’t, since business appointment apps are expensive. Therefore, having your own branded app will provide your clients with one more booking option in comparison to your competitors.


Competitive advantage

By offering a branded clinic app, you can set your business apart from competitors who may not have embraced mobile technology to the same degree. This can help attract new patients who are looking for convenient, modern healthcare options.


Reduce No-Show Appointments

If your client needs to cancel their appointment, but they can’t be bothered to go to your site, sign in and reschedule. They end up leaving it, and you’ve just lost out on 3 hours’ worth of revenue.

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Customer Success Story
Spa St George's Hill

"With the brand-new update you can now do customer appointments on the software! You now have the capacity to change and edit the inquiries within software, save the form away against the customer record card as well as being able to email the form to the relevant people and export in PDF format."