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“Clinic Software®.com is a fully-comprehensive (Software as a Service) in cloud based created to help companies and appointment-based businesses of any industry and size such as Clinics, Spas and Salons with tools that help to Grow Sales, Save Time & Get Organized.”





“They will make their recommendations and you will have a discussion around what it looks like what the solution is, what it will look like at clinic level and then it’s scalable and it goes out across the whole system. It’s quick, it’s seamless.”



"I’m glad I chose to migrate with Things are sorted very quickly, I’ve had instances where I have had to add consent forms for new treatments and they have been added within the hour because I have had patients waiting. It’s a really good service."



"I would like to say the first point that is really impressive is the quickness to be honest with you. Because we have used other software’s and have seen different demos as well but in comparison with, is quite quick so everything we do every action we take on the software no matter if it is the day book, report or anything it is just very quick which is what I really like and I think that is what differentiates to other software".


Pulse Light Clinic

"In March we had a high increase in inquiries but our consultations were not matching, the moment we started the online bookings with the consultations just went through the roof. It has literally changed so much. This online booking system is working so well as it is an instant online thing. The functionality is perfect there is nothing to change."

Spa St George's Hill

" is guaranteed to increase your profitability and empowers you to be in complete control of every aspect of your practice."


Bloom Dubai Aesthetic and Laser Clinic

"I have been in meetings with a lot of different companies from here in Dubai as well and in the UK but then most of them were not really willing to customize or make any changes, they had this set software which they just wanted it to be taken that way so you had to adapt around them. were the only ones willing to adapt to you and the way you function, and the way you wanted your clinic to work, so that makes it special."


Epilium & Skin Clinic

"I'm going to have to go with the iPad features. We just link the iPad straight to the system and the clients can sign with their fingers. There's no paper and no scanning so it's very easy for us."


CityLux Massage

"They are by far the most advanced clinic software in the industry. They have great features that are easy to use; not only for your office team but also for our therapists. We also have a mobile application which is really easy to use and it allows clients to make bookings straight from their phone"


Laserclinics Norway

"I'm really happy, I think is very intuitive and easy to work with, it's professional and it makes our job easier. Now when we do appointments we can simply add all the notes required in one place and we now also have the option to take before and after pictures."


Victoria Eva

"My opinion: great program, very convenient to use, much easier than other ones that we have tried; I'm not going to mention the names. The software is flexible and they always have great support and they can modify the program to the business needs and requests "

So Glam

"The reason why we chose it because it stood out from the rest. I've used a couple of different software solutions in the past but I feel like this is the best as it covers all aspects of the business. My favorite feature is the history. As a business owner it's important to be able to see all the issues throughout the day, so just being able to go back and see the history and what's has been taken is one of the best features "


Bodycraft London

“Recently, I wanted to promote and offer to our regular clients, so I sent them an offer with 20% off if they booked Tuesday and Wednesday. We saw a lot of re-bookings immediately after. Most of the marketing I do through its marketing solutions, like newsletter, sms text, loyalty card, voucher gift cards and many more. We get a lot fewer no-shows because of the messages….We have increased the sales by 400%. A massive thank you! ”


Vacu Fitness Gym & Beauty Clinic

" is fantastic not only because it's the best software on the market, but because of the people working there. Whenever I contact, the people I speak with are always happy to help me and there's nothing that they can't do. They will add bespoke features in the software that are tailored exclusively for your business "


Laze Away Aesthetic Centre

"As a manager, my favorite feature is the reports as it makes my life so much easier. The booking system, i would say that the booking system is very complete. The online booking is my other favorite feature as it helps a lot for clients that do not have an idea regarding when they want to book their appointment. With an online booking system, the clients can check on their own as the online booking website is open 24/7."


Gemini Hair & Beauty

" is reasonably priced, and we have found it much much better than other services out there. We had a system before, which was very poor and the customer service was absolutely terrible. We have gone with and we are finding it very good."


Spa Junkie - FACEGYM

"Like any successful business, we constantly have clients coming in and out, booking appointments, rescheduling as well as canceling them. This can get very crazy but helped me organize my appointments with the use of daybook. It also helped me to manage my staff with the use of the rota features"

Why are reviews so important to us? Here are a few reasons:

A. Authentic Feedback: Our clients' reviews provide authentic and unbiased feedback on their experiences with our CRM software. We understand the value of genuine opinions, and these reviews offer a transparent view of the real-world benefits and challenges our clients have encountered while using our solution. We embrace the opportunity to learn and improve from this valuable feedback.

B. Trust and Credibility: Reviews contribute to building trust and credibility. As a potential customer searching for a reliable CRM software, you want to make an informed decision. By sharing the experiences and successes of our existing clients, we aim to establish trust, reassuring you that our software has been tried, tested, and approved by businesses similar to yours.

C. Insightful Case Studies: Our clients' reviews serve as insightful case studies, demonstrating the practical applications and outcomes of using our CRM software. You can gain a deeper understanding of how our solution has helped businesses streamline their operations, improve customer relationships, and boost their overall business growth.

D. Community and Connection: The reviews page is more than just a collection of testimonials; it represents a vibrant community of professionals in the beauty and wellness industry who have embraced our software. By reading their reviews, you can join this community and connect with like-minded individuals, exchanging ideas, best practices, and success stories.

E. Continuous Improvement: We constantly strive to enhance our CRM software to meet the evolving needs of our clients. The reviews we receive play a vital role in this process. By carefully analyzing the feedback and suggestions provided by our clients, we can identify areas for improvement, introduce new features, and ensure that our software remains at the forefront of the industry.

At, we are immensely grateful for the time and effort our clients put into sharing their experiences. Their reviews help us maintain our commitment to excellence, innovation, and customer satisfaction. We invite you to read through their stories, explore the benefits they have achieved, and join us on this journey toward success.

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