Kanta Jethwani, CEO Bloom Dubai



Customer journey in ClinicSoftware? 
The entire journey is very smooth starting from the point when the customer is interacting with the reception. It's so simple when they are making appointments and all the information is already there. 
They filling in their consent forms with their information already in place, the doctor then easily opens and enters all the clinical notes, the therapist takes before and after pictures. All the information that we take is updated in real time and is accessible from anywhere we are sitting in the clinic or even if I'm not in the clinic. Everything is available for me and I'm in control wherever I am.

We have 13 treatment rooms, 8 therapists, 2 cosmetologists, dermatologists and plastic surgeons. It's a big team and a big place. We have 13 tablets for the doctors and 3 at the reception, 8 computers and smart watches. Everything is working in sync and it's very easy to manage. As soon as the data is fed in, it is accessible from your entire network.


What do you think about the paperless consent forms? 
That just makes your life so much simple. It cuts down on all the paperwork and the waste of printing, the ink, everything that you're doing. You don't need to worry about the files being lost and having the storage space, it's all there in the system and it's so easy to manage!


The difference between Clinic Software ®.com and other software? 
I have been in meetings with a lot of different companies from here in Dubai as well and in the UK but then most of them were not really willing to customize or make any changes, they had this set software which they just wanted it to be taken that way so you had to adopt around them. ClinicSoftware.com were the only ones willing to adapt to you and the way you function, and the way you wanted your clinic to work, so that makes it special.