Richard Christian, IT Manager for RTW Skin


I would like to say the first point that is really impressive is the quickness to be honest with you. Because we have used a other software’s and have seen different demos as well but in comparison with, is quiet quick so everything we do every action we take on the software no matter if it is the day book, report or anything it is just very quick which is what I really like and I think that is what differentiates to other softwares’.

Say if we get a phone call for example and someone is booking an appointment for botox on a specific date, it probably takes 30-40 seconds and the appointment is booked. It is very quick and straight away the system is updated and everyone knows that this appointment has been booked. Booking online is pretty straight forward like I previously mentioned it’s only 3 steps, you select the location, the time and practitioner you would like and it only takes a couple of seconds.

Yes, we have started using the app, we have designed an app so now people are booking in with it and on the website we are operating with that link as well. So people can only book certain treatments online and the reviews says that they are all very happy with that booking system. It is very easy to refer to a friend and it is quick. 

My favourite feature is the consent forms which is very important for our business. For people to sign the consent form and making sure that they are signing the right consent form for the right client. It is a very useful feature and it has helped us to get rid of our paper forms and it’s so much easier. You can sign the consent forms in just a few seconds saving us a lot of time. Clients are scanning the QR code on the iPad and they’re just filling the details that they need to and submit the form. As soon as they hit the submit button the details are saved away under the client profile in the system within a fraction of seconds really which is great.

The support is pretty good, they have a ticket system so every time we have a problem or the staff have a problem we can just log into the system and raise a ticket. As soon as the ticket is raised you will get an email confirmation and the status of the ticket. They solve the problem, update the ticket and from here we know that the problem is solved.

If it is important; something that we are very very stuck with we can pick up the phone, call them and over the phone the problem is solved in a reasonable time.