In an era where real-time communication is the expectation, a business needs to offer immediate, personalized responses to customer queries. Acknowledging this, we've incorporated a Website Live Chat feature into our CRM software. This feature allows your clinic, spa, or salon to offer instant support, address queries, and build relationships with your clients, leading to higher customer satisfaction and improved service quality.

Immediate Customer Support

With our Website Live Chat feature, your business can provide real-time support to clients. Whether it's a question about a treatment, an appointment, or a product, your clients will receive immediate, personalized responses. This immediate response can significantly improve customer satisfaction and reduce response time.

Higher Conversion Rates

Live chat has been shown to increase conversion rates. Prospective clients browsing your website can instantly receive answers to their questions, removing potential barriers to booking an appointment or purchasing a product. This feature can help capture potential leads and convert them into paying clients.

Reduced Administrative Work

By answering queries in real time, live chat reduces the burden on your administrative team. Less time is spent replying to emails and returning calls, freeing your staff to focus on other tasks that enhance your business.

Building Relationships

Live chat offers an excellent opportunity to build relationships with your clients. By offering immediate assistance, your business shows its commitment to customer service. This responsiveness can foster loyalty, improve client retention, and generate positive word-of-mouth.

Feedback Collection

The live chat feature can also serve as a feedback tool. Clients can share their thoughts and suggestions immediately, allowing your business to continuously improve its offerings. This real-time feedback can help you adapt to your clients' needs and exceed their expectations.

Integration with Other Features

Our Website Live Chat feature works seamlessly with other features of our CRM software. Queries about bookings can be handled on the spot by integrating the live chat with the Online Booking feature. Similarly, questions about packages or treatments can be addressed with real-time information from our Courses and Packages of Treatments feature.

In summary, our Website Live Chat feature is an invaluable tool for any clinic, spa, or salon. It enhances the client experience, builds stronger relationships, reduces administrative workload, and provides a platform for instant feedback. Elevate your customer service to new heights with our interactive live chat feature.

Any Website visitors will be able to chat with you in real time and with any member of staff. This allows your business to be connected with its customers 24/7/365

When a customer sends a message directly from the website you will get a notification into the software and your receptionist can reply with more details about the specific treatment, giving them details about the special offer of the month or even creating a lead into the software so you will follow up with the client the following day or the following week. In this way you will make sure that all the website visitors are easier to convert. You will never miss again a website visitor which doesn't have time to give an email or call a phone number.

Case studies revealed that the conversion rate has increased massively by 20% if the customer will receive a reply on the chat in the next 2 minutes.




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