"Content Marketing Strategy: B2B vs. B2C"

Content marketing is something that most of the companies are planning to do in the future.

The way they target their customers and market to them is changing and will change more. The digital agencies have been using social media for a long time, but B2B marketers are now using content strategies such as content-marketing and content-curation to increase their results.

Content marketing strategy needs to be divided into two types: B2B Content Marketing Strategy (for companies who sell products or services) and B2C Content Marketing Strategy (for companies who do not sell anything but want more attention from their customers).

One of the current trends in marketing is the integration of web content marketing into the overall business strategy. Content marketing strategy within the world of digital has not been treated as a separate process but a mere marketing tool for quite some time. And since B2B and B2C businesses have quite different business goals, their content strategies should also vary.

We will look at how B2Bs? and B2Cs? content marketing approaches differ. Let?s start with defining their goals, based on data from Content Marketing Institute.

B2C: the Emotional and Visual One

Business-to-customer companies traditionally heavily rely on emotional and visual content. Once you trigger the impulse your customer might experience concerning your product, the sale is almost done.

What customers need from a business in terms of content is the satisfaction of his/her own preference, as well as getting an answer to a WHY question, over WHAT. The customer doesn?t really need to know what exactly Chanel N5 perfume consists of; the customer just wants to acquire the Chanel lifestyle. Thus, once you picture the life one gets involved in by purchasing your product, you have pretty much completed your marketing task.

B2B: the Rational and Verbal One

B2B, on the other hand, is believed to generate more or less of an instant outcome. However, there is a lot to learn from B2Cs: both B2B and B2C share a common feature ? they create brand awareness, thus B2Bs should take a more customer-focused approach, borrowed from B2Cs, in order to understand their audience and whom they are targeting.

B2B companies are mainly concerned with showcasing the potential of their solutions via content marketing. That is the main focus. Therefore, there is some truth in thinking that B2B content is of more dull nature than B2C. However, this notion is currently changing.