What Is a "Dedicated IP" in Email Marketing?

A dedicated IP is a term used to describe the set of properties that an email service provider has that provides unique value. This includes features, such as segmentation, third-party integrations, and deliverability.

In order to stand out from the crowd of competitors in the industry, companies invest heavily in their dedicated IPs. Some of these features include:

- A/B testing

- Dynamic content

- Platforms for building and managing newsletters and campaigns

IP Addresses& Campaigns

Understanding the Basics of IP Addresses

IP Addresses& Campaigns

The New Dedicated IP Option in your Email Marketing Platform

If you are looking for a dedicated IP option in your email marketing platform, then HubSpot has it with the newly released HubSpot Dedicated IP.

If you are wondering what this new option is, let us give you some insight on this.

HubSpot Dedicated IP will serve as an additional email domain that will send emails to the same recipients and location as your main account. It can also be used to share one or more contacts between your main and dedicated domains.

Why You Should Have a Dedicated IP Address on Your Mailing List

We will see how this benefits the business owner and why it is important to have a dedicated IP address for their mailing list.

A dedicated IP address is a powerful advertising tool that can provide much more value to your business than you might think. Here are some of the perks of having your mailing list on a dedicated IP:

- You can ensure that your subscribers are not receiving spam in their inboxes.

- You can track the effectiveness of your campaign without any effort.

- You can set up multiple campaigns and determine which campaign works better based on metrics like open rate, click rate, etc.

Conclusion: What's the Next Step?