How To Do a Competitive Landscape Analysis (if Your Company Is Not a Big Fish in Small Pond)

Steps to Create One's Own Competitive Advantage: Know Your Competitors' Strengths& Weaknesses.

A product manager may want to find out her competitors' strengths and weaknesses so that she can push the product forward. Finding out your competitors' strengths and weaknesses, as well as understanding their problems, will give you a competitive advantage by providing you with the knowledge on how to solve them.

This section discusses various industries in which AI writing assistants have been used such as: advertising, media, finance, healthcare, retail... or even for scientific research.

Step 1: Identify the industry you are in. So, now, we are taking the industry into account. Let us look at some of the industries that have thrived over the years. We will list them here so that you can understand what your competitors might be studying and why they might be doing it for similar reasons.

Step 2: Now take a look at the competitive landscape for your industry?how do other companies compare with you?

Why Do Competitive Analysis?

Gathering data on your industry and competitors helps understand your customers and develop effective ways to market to them. Staying on top of industry changes is the best way for you to gain a competitive edge.?

A competitive analysis framework should deliver at least 3 insights:

  1. Competitor Profile: Using an analysis framework will give you an overview of what your competitors are doing. You?ll analyze their strengths and weaknesses by looking at their marketing, brand, customers, and staff.?

  2. Market perception: Using other competitive analysis frameworks, you will analyze how customers perceive your competitors. Explore how one business?s brand, product, and service perception differs from others in the same industry. What do customers expect from your business as well?

  3. Positioning and benchmarking: Competitive analysis frameworks can also give you accurate input on where your business sits among competitors in your industry. You will consider your strengths and weaknesses, as well as how your business is perceived.