How to Use Instagram Images for Sales


?With Instagram images, copywriters have more control over the content. They can

create a unique and compelling visual experience for their content.


?Sell?Instagram photos online


Brands love authentic images, and yet find it difficult to come by them. This is an incredible opportunity for Instagrammers who have tons of great images and don?t know what to do with them. Fill a niche by providing authentic images available to brands and get paid for it!

There are two methods you could go by:

      1. Sell individual images
      2. Sell thematic image packages

Each has its merits, and they can be used either in tandem or individually. Individual images might be the kind that is distinctive, excellent, breathtaking, and very specific.

Thematic images might be more of a generically classifiable image, for example, nature, sky, workplace, flat lays, and more.


?How to make it happen?


      1. Create an account on Sellfy ? it?s the most appropriate sales platform for digital goods and will make the process super easy
      2. Identify which images you think would be interesting for brands to purchase.
      3. Decide which images you can group together thematically, and which images you want to sell individually
      4. Upload the products to Sellfy and set your price
      5. Make sure to mention in the description the status of the images the brands are buying ? ex. commercial use, editorial use, etc. Take a look at legal?licensing terminology here.

        Sell branded content opportunities

        Say you?re great at creating flat lays.

        You know who probably isn?t?


        Make it easy for brands to get their products placed in incredible images by offering up the opportunity proactively. Then, all it takes for the brand?s side is to accept the offer. By having a ready-made offer for brands, you make it super easy for the brands to say ?yes?. You?re saving both time and effort, reduce the friction of negotiation, and therefore become much more likely to land corporate cooperation with them.

        Take this scenario, for example:

        You have a great flat lay planned, and you would be able to easily insert a branded item into it. Place that opportunity for sale online, and let brands know about it.

        How to get brands to know about branded content opportunities?

        Put together a sales sheet including some examples of your work, the opportunities that you have available (aka planned content for your channel), and then include pricing to it.

        Note:?This certainly falls under the ?influencer marketing? category, and a prerequisite for this to work is to have a considerable social following. A good place to start would be if you have several thousand followers.

        Letting brands know that you?re open to collaboration is also important, and can be signaled by entering your contact info in your bio like influencer Emily Beatrice Jackson has done.