How Software Improves Productivity

Keeps You In The Know

For successful business flow, you must gather vital information on existing customer and potential clients as well. But saving the data in papers or excel can be hard when you’re also trying to make your bookings. help solve this problem by saving valuable customer data on your behalf, including:

  • Client history
  • Appointments history
  • Current client preferences
  • Client Notes history
  • Client Consent Forms history
  • Client Rejuvenation Face & Body Procedures
  • Past interactions with a client
  • Drinks History
  • Client infrastructure details
  • Receipt History
  • Past sales interactions
  • Tracking Sessions history
  • Tracking Minutes history
  • Tracking Instalments history
  • Pictures history
  • Products history
  • SMS Text & email Reminders history
  • Shifts history
  • Reports history



Connect the dots

“Clinic Software®.com is a fully-comprehensive SaaS (Software as a Service) in cloud based created to help companies and appointment-based businesses of any industry and size such as Clinics, Spas and Salons with tools that helps to Grow Sales, Save Time & Get Organized.”