Marketing Techniques

Ready to use Marketing Automation text and email, Easy to use campaign "wysiwyg" editor feature

  1. Birthday Special : Wish Clients Happy Birthday with a special offer.
  2. First-Time Visitor Welcome : Drop campaign to welcome new clients and introduce upsell opportunities.
  3. Loyalty Program : Reward loyalty with a special offer for customer who visit X times a year or who purchase more. Reward with points, or vouchers, treatments or credit.
  4. Series Promotions : Drop campaigns to nurture prospects who have expressed interest but never visited. Promotions.
  5. Purchase Products : Friendly reminder based on appointments history.
  6. Tell us about your experience : Write a google review or an online booking review.

Real-time Promotion Automation

  • A: Activate Boost, Send Via Email, Send Via Text
  • B: When Do You Need A Boost MON;TUES;WED;THU;FRI;SAT;SUN Package/Membership
  • C: Discounted Services, Specific Services, All-Services
  • D: Who Can Be Targeted, All Contacts, 30 Days Since Last Visit
  • E: Offer: Percent off, Money off, Custom
  • F: See A Sample, Send A Test Email, Send A Test Text

Referal Program

  1. Create your new client offer. This offer is for new customers who have been referred. When a new customer is referred to your business, they will be invited to claim this new offer.
  2. Activate the referral program. Create new custom offers: Percent off / Money Off / Custom / Package/Membership. View a sample email
  3. Ask clients to refer. Clients will automatically be asked to join your referral program after a recent visit. You can also share a dedicated link. Percent off / Money Off / Custom / Package/Membership. View a sample email
  4. Reward the first referral. This reward is for existing clients who have referred. Customise the reward to a customer the firt time one of their referrals books your new client offer. Percent off / Money Off / Custom / Package/Membership. View a sample email

Fill Last Minute Openings; Fill Slow Days

  1. Step A ; Send Via Email : Send A Test Email.
  2. Step B ; Send Via Text : Send A Test Text.
  3. Step C ; Enable Discounts : Create Discount Codes.
  4. Step D ; Custom Subject : Suggested or Custom.
  5. Step E ; Utilisation Threshold : Less Than 50% Booked.
  6. Step D ; See A Sample: Use Sample or Create Template