Branding is a fundamental aspect of creating a strong and memorable identity for your clinic, spa, or salon. To amplify your brand presence and create consistency across all touchpoints, our CRM software offers a Branded Emails and SMS feature, ensuring every communication carries your unique brand voice.

Enhanced Brand Recognition

By using branded emails and SMS, you create a cohesive brand image that clients will recognize and remember. This recognition strengthens your brand in the minds of your clients and helps differentiate you from competitors.

Professionalism and Credibility

Branded communications deliver a sense of professionalism and authenticity. They show that your clinic, spa, or salon is a well-established and credible business, which can increase client trust and loyalty.

Personalized Communication

Our Branded Emails and SMS feature allows you to personalize messages to each client, creating a more engaging and meaningful connection. This personal touch can improve client satisfaction and retention.

Marketing Opportunitie

Branded emails and SMS provide valuable marketing opportunities. Whether it's a promotional email, a holiday greeting, or an appointment reminder, each communication is an opportunity to subtly market your services, special offers, or events.

Consistency Across Channels

Consistency is key in branding. With our Branded Emails and SMS feature, you can ensure that your brand image and message remain consistent across these communication channels.

Integrated CRM Experience

The Branded Emails and SMS feature integrates seamlessly with the rest of our CRM features, ensuring a streamlined experience. Use it in combination with the Automation Tree to send automated, personalized, and branded communications.

In conclusion, our Branded Emails and SMS feature is a valuable tool for any clinic, spa, or salon aiming to enhance brand recognition, professionalism, and client engagement. Utilize the power of branded communications with our sophisticated CRM software. has the ultimate sales cycle. The software allows you to plan and execute automations and marketing campaigns with sms texts and emails.

The software allows you to plan, execute and track automations, tasks, leads, direct debit, payments, reminders, paperless forms, rejuvenation procedure, courses of treatments, SMS texts & email marketing campaigns. brings online booking time down to seconds and providing automation technology to handle much of the organisational work, and tools to keep everything neat, the business will grow its inflow of bookings to start driving business results in a short period of time.

Automations gathers valuable data and insights, helping you understand client behaviour, trends, and preferences. This allows you to make informed decisions and strategies for your business.



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