How to Create a Sitelink Extensions For Your Websites To Boost Sales


Sitelinks are a very useful tool for any online business. The most common use is providing links that can be clicked on and leads to the official website of your product. This is also known as lingual mention and a premium service.

Sitelinks are the blue links that appear under a Google search result. They link to other pages on the same website featured in the search result - hence the name ?sitelinks.??

Sitelinks appear on search engine result pages (SERPs) to help users find relevant information and webpages faster. They appear for both organic search results and paid ads.?


Types of Sitelinks


Sitelinks have evolved over the years; Google now features them in displayed in different ways. Sitelinks will vary by the number or appearance in the search results.?

You may see some sitelinks with outlines or images. Sitelinks may also appear in carousel format or with the option to expand.

Generally, there are two different types of sitelinks that Google shows these days:

Why Are Sitelinks Extensions Important?


Sitelinks are an important ad extension. Sitelink extensions use more ad space on SERPs, so your ad takes up more of the page and draws more attention.

Sitelink extensions also increase CTR, as users have more options for web pages that will answer their queries.?

Additional benefits for your PPC campaigns include:


What Are Google Ads Extensions?


When you add a sitelink to a Google paid ad, you?re using their sitelink extension feature. Google offers multiple ad extensions including: