1. Reflect Your Brand Voice

Some brands and products necessitate a serious, informational tone. Others have built their brands by incorporating wry, witty, or wacky humor. In some cases, it's subtle such as in this Dollar Shave Club travel bag product description.?

2. Cater to Buyer Personas

Buyer personas are a vital component of any effective marketing program. Marketing any product to everyone is a hopeless dilution of resources, for the simple reason that only some people will want to buy any given product. This is where a business can use data, market trends, customer profiles, and similar information to understand their ideal customer.

Understanding your target demographic is a powerful resource. It has a variety of benefits, such as:

Empowering product description writers to understand your customers and write content that:

Informing your brand voice?

3. Provide Value to the Customer

One advantage of a buyer persona is that it helps you understand how to provide value to a customer. A list of technical features and raw information does not necessarily offer value in and of itself, because a customer wants to buy a product based on what it can do for them.?

4. Employ Meaningful, Technically Proficient Writing

Since the 1980s, human writers have been describing our lives and exploring issues. In recent years, automation of writing has become a reality. It can be seen from the fact that there are now many websites where people can generate content for each other.

When users are asked to write a specific content, an AI writing assistant will analyze their previous writings and come up with ideas for what they should write about in this topic. The software is able to generate lots of articles but it does not necessarily mean that it can generate good articles. As mentioned above, it helps with finding the best topics to write about but nonetheless, artificial intelligence cannot replace human with fine-tuned writing skills like understanding context and perspective .

5. Know SEO Basics

While SEO is complex and nuanced, it's correct to say that the basics do a disproportionate share of the work. In terms of writing, there are a few rules of thumb that will put you comfortably ahead of businesses with no SEO. These include:

6. Include a Call to Action

Writing an excellent product description with no conclusion is anticlimactic and doesn't give your reader direction. A powerful, concise call to action that encourages the reader to buy the product is always a good touch. It can be a quick recap of a sentence that reminds them of the benefits the product has to offer them.

Alternatively, it can be as subtle as placing the "add to cart" button strategically beneath the description. A convincing product description that flows naturally into the button to buy it can exert a potent psychological effect.