What Is Web Copy?

Website copy usually refers to the main body of text on your website, intended to sell your product or service. It's the words that guide your visitors through the site, explain your brand concept, and tell people about your services. Typically, these main pages include the Homepage, About Us, Service Page, and FAQ.?

So what makes good website content?

Your web copy should match the search intent of your potential customers. You want to help them solve their problem and take action ??make a purchase, subscribe to your blog, or join your mailing list.?

How to Write Website Content?

We?ve divided our recommendations into three groups: Pre-Writing Tips, Writing Tips, and Post-Writing Tips.

Pre-Writing Tips

Your content?s foundation should be laid before you start writing, and here are three key points to keep in mind.

Tip #1:?Define Your Purpose

The single most important thing for any writer of copy is to understand its purpose. Knowing your end goal from the outset helps you craft the perfect piece of content and an ideal call-to-action statement (I?ll talk more about CTAs in Writing Tips).?

The objective of the copy supports the goals of the business. So, find your answers to the questions about it:

Tip #2: Understand Your Target Audience

Let's say selling is your primary goal. You can determine the best methods of selling only by knowing your audience. The more you know about your prospects, the better you can convert them into paying customers.?

Tip #3:?Know Your Competitors

It's also a good move to do some research on the websites of your competitors.

It?s likely that visitors to your website will also be considering the competition, so you need to make a strategic decision about whether to offer similar content or branch out and offer something different. Research can be an excellent way to spot trends among competitors and get ahead of the game.?

Tip #4:?Hook Your Readers from the First Line

As I said at the beginning, you might have just 15 seconds to capture your reader?s interest. If you manage this, your new challenge is to get the reader to stay on the site.?

You can start your copy with some exciting data, a one-sentence story, or a question. Make sure people are hungry for more content after reading the introduction.?

Tip #5:?Make Your Copy Scannable

The layout is important too. Most people skim read, so to ensure that the text is easily scannable, you should include headers, bulleted and numbered lists, descriptive subheadings, and white space between paragraphs.?

Tip #6:?Help Readers Navigate

Remember that there are multiple routes through which audiences find web content. It could be from a post shared on social media, via links on other websites, via a marketing email, or through a search engine results page.?