14 Things Salespeople Must Know Before Calling a P.R. Company

Before reaching out to a company to work with them, it is crucial for salespeople to have an understanding of what their P.R. company does and how they operate.

A large part of the job that P.R. companies do is helping companies create buzz about their products and services by scheduling press events, creating advertisements, etc. It is essential for salespeople to have an understanding of how these services work before reaching out because it could be beneficial for the company if they only reach out to a certain type of P.R firm that specializes in the type of work they need done or don?t want done on their behalf at all!

Salespeople can also learn more about what types of jobs they might be interested in from their P.R company?s website or social

Things You Need to Know About P.R. Companies

PR companies help brands build and maintain their image across various media platforms. They are specialists in garnering media attention, establishing relationships, shaping public opinion.

As PR firms grow in importance, it's important to be able to differentiate between the good and the bad from them. A good P.R. company is going to be one that has a strong track record of working effectively with brands and for clients, but also one that's transparent with their clients about what they're doing and how they're doing it.

This will help give you a better understanding of what you should expect from the companies you work with - so that you don't end up handing over your money and business without getting what you deserve out of it in return.

Common Mistakes Salespeople Make When Contacting PR Agents

Public Relations is an important tool that can be used to grow a brand. However, there are some common mistakes that salespeople make when they contact PR agents.

1) Not following up with no response after sending a pitch:

This is a major mistake made by many companies and it can result in lost opportunities for public relations.

2) Sending creative pitches:

This is another mistake that companies make when they send pitches to PR agents. A good rule of thumb when sending your pitch is to focus on the basics and avoid being too creative or too wordy.

3) Sending mass emails:

A recent study found out that more than 50 percent of companies only contacted five or less PR firms per month instead of the recommended 15-30/month. This was the number

How to Find the Right Public Relations Agency for Your Business

Public relations plays a huge role in marketing and advertising. Companies spend a lot of money on trying to find the right PR agency for their business. They often search for a company that has experience in their industry, is ethical, and has good testimonials from past clients.

We at Moxie are a public relations agency that specializes in marketing and advertising. We've helped companies like Apple and Starbucks create campaigns that get them noticed, which helps them drive more sales and customers.

We at Moxie have created an infographic to help you find the right public relations agency for your business: