Content Mapping: When Content Is More Than Just a Website

Imagine a report on a website. The user would be unable to find the report he was looking for. He would have to scroll through the page and read every piece of content that was posted before him, in order to finally find what he wants to see. The content map helps him do that - it shows him all the pieces of content on the site in one place and helps him reach his goal faster without having to go through a lot of pages and pages of text about ?content?.

If you are not sure how your website works, that is when mapping becomes very useful. You can use it as an order form or you can use it as an easy way for customers or potential clients to see exactly how your products work or what they need help with.

What Is Content Mapping? And How Does It Help Businesses

Content mapping is the process of identifying all content needed to reach a certain target audience and creating this content from scratch. This involves planning, analyzing data, and building out the structure of the content.

Any marketing strategy can be mapped to content. From building brand awareness to nurturing customers, the process of mapping content is crucial for any business. This will help you better understand your target audience and also set up the foundation for your next marketing campaign.

What are some of the benefits of mapping content? Here are 2 benefits you will gain from using this tactic:

This method is a great way to get high quality content ideas for your categories or topics. The benefit of this tactic is that you only need to focus on one topic and generate content for it without worrying about the rest.

1) You'll have a better understanding of what your customers want, and how they consume content

2) You'll have access to data that allows you to see whether or not a particular piece of content is helping or hurting .


How to Create High Quality Content for Your Blog ?

Let?s first talk about the word 'content' and how it?s used in the industry. Content is an important part of any business or brand. It's not just about creating a website, it also includes all other forms of communication such as e-mail, social media, press releases and emails. The content of your blog should be relevant to your target audience or society you wish to appeal to and should have a clear message to convey.


A Few Brands That Drove Real Growth Through Content Marketing



What differentiates GoPro from its competitors? Not only does it sell some of the world?s best video cameras, but it also seem to be one of the best brands in social media.

Its secret? GoPro does a great job of partnering with talented content creators and sports enthusiasts to create videos that make viewers stop and stare.


All mattresses look the same, and buying one can be a massive headache. This creates a unique challenge: how do you create an interesting content marketing strategy out of something as boring as a mattress?

Turns out, you'll find a lot of ways, once you think outside the box.

The Casper mattress company has created a massive online following with its sleep-based blog, Van Winkle. Research-backed articles about how sleeps affects our lives or tips for hotel room hacking automatically make it a part of its users? daily must-reads.

Adobe's 99u

Adobe knows what its consumers need, and it goes the extra mile to keep them up-to-date. Through its 99u blog, the brand offers timely articles on design trends, news, and advice from industry experts. Beyond that, Adobe has expanded its content marketing efforts with podcasts, print magazines, bestselling books and even a conference series, creating a thriving social community with strong brand identification.


Invision specializes in creating content that helps designers reach their full potential.

On its blog, the brand offers a huge variety of articles about career development, design innovation and tips for working as a UX designer - basically, it?s everything designers need to know to thrive in any situation.