Leads / Introduction

The Leads feature records the enquiries coming from the Lead generator API.
Each time a visitor completes the enquiry form on your website, a new lead with the completed details will be added inside the Leads page.

The Leads page can be accessed by clicking on the Leads button from the top menu.

The Leads page will list all the leads added from the Lead generator API or manually by clicking the “New Lead” button.

To display the leads from a specific date range, use the “Created from” and “Created to” date fields to specify the date interval.

By default the latest lead will be displayed first.
You can change the ordering criteria in which you view the leads by clicking on the column you wish to sort by from the table header.

If you click on the same column again from it will change the direction from descending to ascending order.

The leads table is paginated, if you need to display mode entries per page, you can change the value from the “Show entries” dropdown.

The lead entries page can be changed using the buttons from the bottom-right area of the table.

To search the leads entries table you can use the Search text field on the top right section of the leads table. This will search all the entries that match the keyword.



You can also filter the lead entries by using the text boxes under each column, this will allow you to perform a more granular search e.g. open leads with the stage “need to call back”

Updating the lead details

To update a lead click anywhere within the row boundaries of the entry/lead to select the lead.
This will open the details window of the selected lead.

You can make changes to the lead then click on the UPDATE button to save the changes.

Each lead can be assigned a Lead owner and a stage indicating the progress.

Converting a lead

To convert a lead, click on the entry from the table to open the details window then select “CONVERT”.

Once converted you can access the client profile to send emails and texts or to book an appointment.

The system will also automatically convert a Lead when we book the first appointment.
From the Day Book, when you book a new appointment and use the Search Client box the system will search both clients and leads.

If a lead is selected, the system will display the message “Lead will be converted to client upon appointment creation.”


Marking a Lead as Junk

To mark a lead as a junk lead, open the lead from the leads table and click on the “MARK JUNK” button.


Below the lead table we display a chart indication total number of leads vs converted.
This chart can be shown by Week, Month (default) and Year, to change the source, use the dropdown from the top-right section of the chart.

If you hover the mouse cursor on the chart the system will display the actual numbers of the Week/Month/Year.

You can also click on the chart header to enable or disable the NEW LEADS and CONVERED lines.



You can view the number of leads, conversions, junk and percentages for total and by lead owner by using the Leads Stats report.

To access the report, go to Admin > Reports > Leads Stats.

This report will also allow you to track number of 1st consults, second, no shows, consults attended, total unsuitable, net consults and quotes conversion.



When adding a new lead, the fields under the lead, source and lead stage can be changed from the Admin Area.

Custom fields

The custom fields can be changed from Admin > Custom Fields.

When adding a custom field you can specify if the field will be used for a contact, lead or both.
If lead or contact_lead is selected then the field will be displayed under the new lead window.

If a field is marked contact_lead, the value of the field will be transferred to the client side as well upon conversion of the lead.

If a field is marked as private then it will only be displayed in the details window after you click on the lead. If the private checkbox is unticked then the field will be displayed as part of the leads table.


The lead sources field displayed in the new lead window can be changed from the Admin Area > Marketing Sources page.

Lead Status/Stage

The values under the lead stage can be changed from the Admin Area > Lead statues page.