How to Turn Off Instagram's Activity Status Feature

If you are always on your phone and want to keep track of what you're doing, Instagram's Activity Status Feature can help you. However, this feature does not always work as expected, and sometimes it's better to turn it off.

If you have faced the issue where Instagram says that there is no activity when in reality there is - then here are a few ways to make sure that your account isn't being spied on:

Turn off Location Services on your phone Turn off Notification Sounds Turn off History Logging

Why Turn Off the Activity Status Feature on Instagram?

Because people are getting bored of seeing what everyone else is doing and trying to go against the norm.

Instagram is a social media platform that people are using to share their lives with their followers. The activity status feature shows others how active you are on Instagram - from when you?re online, when you last checked your feed, etc. By turning off the activity status feature, users can avoid feeling pressured into doing what everyone else does.

3 Ways to Disable Instagram's Activity Status Feature - iPhone and Android

Instagram is a popular social media platform that has been around since 2010. Its users share their life experiences, a lot of photos and videos, and get to be updated on what they are up to. But Instagram can also get too much with the new activity status feature that allows users to see when their friends or followers are online and where they are.

This feature can be dangerous because it will give someone the upper hand in conversations with others. It also promotes stalking and cyber-bullying because it gives someone the ability to track someone's location or even how many likes they have on a photo or video post.

To disable this feature, you must first go into your settings menu in the app on both iPhone and Android devices. You will then need to turn off the 'Show Activity Status


Conclusion: Insta-Stifling Ways to Avoid Temptation