What Is Content Strategy?

Content strategy is all about developing content that helps achieve a goal. Your content strategy guides and dictates the creation and delivery of each piece of content.

You should discuss your content strategy with business stakeholders before creating or publishing anything. Ensure that all content you produce is working together to meet your primary business goal.

What Is Content?

Content is audio or visual information. Content types vary from written blog posts to promotion graphics to ad copy to influencer videos. In general, content is any type of information presented to a specific audience to evoke a particular response.?

How To Create Good Content

Good content attracts an audience and encourages them to take action. No matter the content type, your content should consider what your audience wants to see and the (profitable) next step you want them to take.

To create good content, consider these four factors in your planning stage:

Information ? What is the message you need to communicate in your content? Will your content be informative or entertaining??

Content is about delivering the right message to evoke a reaction, so you must convey the message appropriately. Otherwise, your audience might not react at all.

Context ? Who is the audience of your content? Why are you trying to reach them?

The right content at the wrong time won?t drive consistent results, so you need to consider its context carefully. Be mindful of anything happening socially, politically, and economically too.?

Medium?The medium you choose should correspond with the audience you intend to reach. For example, you can use LinkedIn to reach people in a specific job sector, like SEO. In comparison, Facebook would be better to reach people with a particular interest, like the TV show Great British Bake Off.

Form?- What form will your content have? Is it text, audio, visual, interactive??

The medium you choose will largely dictate the form you need to use to reach your audience. For example, you probably wouldn?t share an unboxing video on your blog, but you might share it on YouTube.?

You also need to consider your message when deciding the form of your content. You wouldn?t expect a daily news bulletin on Snapchat or TikTok, but you might find it on a daily Spotify podcast.?

Content Strategy Goals ?-Good content strategy is not about posting occasionally or independently; it works continuously and closely with other digital marketing channels, including email, SEO, and social media.

SEO Content Strategy?SEO content strategies typically focus on creating or optimizing your website content. Even a few tweaks can help you improve your website?s organic traffic and encourage other websites to link back to yours.

SEO and content work closely together these days. Although technical issues and backlinks are important, creating the right content for SEO is just as important.?

Social Media Content Strategy

Content is the driving force of these social channels. It isn?t enough to own a social media profile for your brand; you?ll need to engage with your audience consistently on every platform you have.?

The goal of your social media content strategy will typically be to increase engagement and following across your platforms. It?s likely that your social content will look different based on your goals, like increasing brand awareness, lead generation or new followers.?