How to Find Fake Instagram Followers and How to Make Money From them

Following Instagram is a great way to build your profile and to make money from it.

With the help of fake followers, you can:

Simple Ways to Detect and Avoid Fake Instagram Followers

The fake followers issue is one of the most common reasons why Instagram accounts get suspended. A popular question is whether it's possible to detect and avoid fake followers, because there are so many different factors that make a fake follower or not.

The challenge is that there are too many ways to make it look like you have thousands of followers. A lot of these factors can be detected by using a number of signals such as:

How To Detect Fake Instagram Followers? How To Avoid fake Instagram Followers? How To Get the Best Social

Fake followers are a huge problem on Instagram ? and it?s not only about the weight loss competition. There are several reasons why people get fake followers. But this article is focused on one of them: how to detect fake Instagram followers? Who can be a fake follower and why? So, let?s start with a little bit of background information about the problem.

Fake follows happen at multiple levels of Instagram engagement. The first level is the profile itself, which looks like any other profile in terms of picture, name and bio whenever you follow someone else or add yourself as follower in your own feed. The second level is when you follow someone else because they have already followed you back. For example, if an account has 1000 likes or follows 100 others it may look like this:


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