In the dynamic landscape of running a business, making informed decisions is key to your success. Our CRM software includes a powerful Business Reports Feature designed to provide you with the valuable insights needed to drive your business forward.

Data-Driven Decision Making

Our Business Reports Feature generates detailed reports on various aspects of your business – from sales and revenue to client retention and service popularity. These insights empower you to make data-driven decisions, enhancing your business strategy and operations.

Customer Insights

Gain a deeper understanding of your clients with reports detailing their booking habits, service preferences, and feedback. These insights allow you to tailor your offerings and customer service approach, fostering loyalty and satisfaction.

Financial Management

By providing detailed financial reports, our feature aids in effective financial management. Stay on top of your income, expenses, and overall financial health, ensuring your business remains profitable and sustainable.

Integrated CRM Experience

Like all our CRM software features, the Business Reports Feature is fully integrated within your CRM platform, contributing to a comprehensive and efficient business management system.

In summary, our Business Reports Feature is a powerful tool for any business seeking to make informed decisions, track performance, understand their customers better, and manage their finances effectively. Stay ahead of the curve with our advanced CRM software.


Professional Business Reporting is delivered as standard within Clinic Software . You have the capability to export reports on a number of various criteria as well and all reports could be previewed on screen without the need to print them out. In addition all reports can be exported to a different formats such as Excel and HTML. Our reports have actually been designed and developed by experts who understand the information that is essential to beauty Clinic owners. Our BeautyShopSoftware helps you to plan ahead and identify new opportunities to grow your Clinic and develop your business.

Clinic Software reports provide you the option to quickly gain access to information data on all aspects of your company from sales to staff efficiency in either summary or in-depth format. For increased convenience work on and store your business reports on additional computer, with our completely exportable reports to Excel.

In-depth reports give you higher control of all aspects of your company, regardless of whether you are in the Clinic or not. 
The extensive number of reports range from transactions in a specific day, month or week.

Clinic Software has a core collection of reports that assist and help the Clinic manager evaluate and analyse the performance of the beauty Clinic , services, staff and products. These are accessible online as well at any moment and from anywhere via the internet. Clinic Software helps Clinic managers organise and manage their time in the Clinic effectively.

Examples of our essential reports are Efficiency, Performance, Products, Services, Retail, Commissions, …

Full control with Clinic reports

Below are just a few of the things you could do with Clinic Software Clinic management business reports:

  • Check out up to date performance efficiency statistics at any point in time and across several weeks and months so you can measure your success along the way
  • Accessibility commission figures, time and participation so your pay-roll is fast and simple every time
  • Check out up to date performance figures for each member of your team
  • Utilize the easy reference reports records as an motivational tool in team meetings and one to ones
  • Keep a check on spare time in the day book and also prevent unsold appointments with better booking management
  • Check out top performing services, session courses, products and team members so you can plan marketing promotions to provide your takings an increase.



Connect the dots

“Clinic Software®.com is a fully-comprehensive SaaS (Software as a Service) in cloud based created to help companies and appointment-based businesses of any industry and size such as Clinics, Spas and Salons with tools that helps to Grow Sales, Save Time & Get Organized.”