Native Advertising vs. Content Marketing: What?s the Ultimate Choice?

There is a huge debate in the copywriting world around which type of content marketing is best. Many people consider native advertising as the ultimate form of content marketing since it?s cheap and viable, but I think that isn?t always the case.

The main reason why native advertising seems to be the ultimate form for content marketing is because it gives you access to a lot more data than organic search engine results. Besides, native ads are often more eye-catching and creative than other forms of content marketing. This means that native ads help get your message across faster and more easily, thus making them a better choice for content marketers.

Is Native Advertising Effective vs. Content Marketing?

Native advertising, or native advertising campaigns, are short advertisements that appear on the web and in articles. The ads are usually targeted at specific people rather than at a specific group of people.

Content marketing is a marketing strategy designed to get exposure for your corporate brand and products. It involves using content marketing to build a relationship with potential customers and ultimately sell more products or services. Content marketing can be done through many different ways but it is important that the content should have relevancy to what is being promoted by the company. If it does not have relevancy then it won't work.

There are several platforms here from Yahoo Gemini to Outbrain or Taboola and everything in between.

Here is a quick rundown the the top 3 "content discovery" platforms:

Yahoo's Gemini marketplace for native advertising launched in February of 2015 and is the default audience option for those that advertise with Yahoo. Yahoo leverages proprietary data signals targeting audiences with interest over various Yahoo web properties (like Yahoo Finance) and?third-party and apps.?Benefits are no click fraud, less competition for cheap branding (if your target demographic makes sense for their interest layering) as well as inexpensive remarketing.