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Continually making more profit, year after year is possible. There is no secret. It is simply about focusing on your existing customers to get them back more often, spending more and then, new customers will start walking through the door.

If you can’t retain customers, then trying to get new ones is pointless. You have to retain customers and get new customers in the same time. 
With our marketing, you’ll experience Clinic growth like never before with our Clinic Marketing Software.

Facebook & Twitter Clinic Marketing Software 
Get 79% of new customers to like your Facebook page via auto-likes feature. 
Take credit bookings through your system and redirect your customers to your online booking page. 
Increase referrals when customers post positive reviews on their Facebook page to hundreds of connections.

TreatCard Clinic Marketing Software 
Increase brand awareness with Clinic -branded TreatCard 
Reward loyal customers with treatments and products they’ve never had before. 
Increase average client spend by 39%. 
Reward existing customers with credit, loyalty cards, voucher cards, gift cards for referrals. 
Check-in customers with a scan of your TreatCard. 
Check-in products and services with a scan of your bar-code.. 

 SMS Text & Email Clinic Marketing Software

Cut no-shows by 79% with auto appointment reminder texts. 
Send thank you emails and get reviews on your treatments. 
Target customers by age, gender for email or SMS.

Clinic Marketing Software is bulging with pre-set, SMS/text message campaigns ready to be set to work like your own in-house marketing manager. or, for those with more time and confidence, you can simply define and trigger your own campaigns.

Either way, SMS marketing has been shown once again, to be the the most powerful way of maintaining, strengthening and re-establishing customer relationships aside from in-Clinic contact. The mobile marketing systems are revolutionising how Clinic s market.

Send emails and SMS Messages quickly and easily to simply remind them of their appointment or inform them of the latest offers in your Clinic.

Text and email is a great way to keep in touch with your customers. With Clinic Marketing Software you have the option to send appointment reminders quickly and easily which not only give your customer a more personal experience, but also will help to eradicate expensive no shows.

The text and email feature also allows you to do professional marketing of your latest offers and promotions to specific mailing lists. This means you could target specific groups for example: customers with a birthday in the next month, anyone who hasn’t been in for the last 3 months, customers who have spent X amount in the Clinic . The main benefits of this feature is that you can target specific groups of customers, professional actively increase the number of people coming through the door, increase the spending of your customers and improve the relationship with your customers, therefore greatly increasing your turnover.

Benefits of using our appointment booking and reminder system include:

  • Increased client loyalty
  • More frequent visits
  • Additional services and treatments
  • Higher product sales
  • Team member retention (Busy and successful team members stay longer)
  • Increased Clinic profile and status

We’ve got endless reports to back this up. 
And over the years we’ve learnt what campaigns fill seats. 
Use Our Clinic Marketing Software to Get New customers.

SMS Marketing to new customers doubles the likelihood of a second visit. Simple. For example: 
"Hi Ana, it was so nice to meet you. Thank you so much for choosing our Clinic, we really look forward to seeing you again soon." 
Marketing in a similar way to second visit customers increases retention from 39% to 69%.

ClinicSoftware.com is guaranteed to increase your profitability and empowers you to be in complete control of every aspect of your practice.

The bottom line is: ClinicSoftware.com will take your practice to the next level… Guaranteed!

Whether your practice is new or established, small or large, ClinicSoftware.com is designed to continue the growth of your clinic.

Managing just one or hundreds of professionals is easy!

ClinicSoftware.com will automatically track a wealth of information for you regarding all facets of your business.

Retain Existing customers Using Our Clinic Marketing Software And The SMS Feature. 
Rewarding existing customers with promotions, reminders and incentives has been shown to be an extremely powerful method of retention. 
Campaigns, which BeautyShopSoftware Clinic management software will run automatically, include:

  • Recommend a friend
  • Cancellation promotion
  • Appointment reminders
  • Birthday campaigns
  • No show reminders
  • Seasonal occasions like Mothers’ Day, Easter Day, Christmas Day, etc.

Non-returning customers 
Interesting fact: Most Clinic owners don’t pursue non-returning customers for fear of seeming needy. 
More interesting still: Forty per cent of customers who have stopped visiting will return with an incentive. 
So after 13 and 19 weeks Clinic BeautyShopSoftware Clinic marketing suite can be prompted to automatically send incentive SMS messages to win you those customers back.

Open your business to new appointment opportunities 24/7 with the most powerful online booking software on the market. 
As a fully-integrated feature, BeautyShopSoftware online booking software allows you to take appointments without the risk of overlapping or double-booking 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Become easy to do business with, and watch your profits soar with Clinic Marketing Software. 
Be Seen. Build Trust. Be found. Anytime. Anywhere. Facebook Reviews Page system for your Clinic.


AUTOMATED MARKETING With Our Clinic Marketing Software 
Easy, automated and effective, Set & Forget Marketing offers text message, email and direct mail marketing software features that you program once, yet reap the rewards all year long.

Stand out from the clutter and maintain lasting connections with highly personalised, timely and targeted communications, triggered by your client database. Automatically send birthday messages to your customers that are celebrating, visit reminders to those who haven’t been in for a while, and so much more!

Keep your customers coming back, more often. 
Deliver relevant and targeted messages that your customers want to see. 
Monitor your success with sophisticated built-in marketing software reporting technology.

Gift cards is a fully integrated, gift card solution for single and multi-site businesses alike. 
Custom designed to suit your branding, BeautyShopSoftware Clinic gift cards are the perfect way to raise your business profile and encourage client referrals. 
Activated in the software and online in real-time, your BeautyShopSoftware gift card solution has been designed to keep your business safe while you ramp up your sales revenue.

Track your Clinic performance using smart REPORTS in the cloud. 
Scorecard finally answers the question, How do I measure up? 
Access a confidential business performance management reports to track in your business then compare it to the past reports to check the evolution of your business. Know for certain that you’re setting realistic targets and planning effective marketing strategies.

How it suits you the Clinic Marketing Software 
Keep track of your Clinic performance using smart Clinic software technology, rather than a calculator. 
Compare your Clinic performance against average industry results on a range of key areas including sales revenue, transactions, visit frequency, client retention statistics, retail numbers and more. 
Form future pricing and product positioning strategies based on invaluable insights into consumer spending patterns.