How to Set Up a Display Campaign: an Interactive CPA Website

The goal of a display campaign is to attract visitors to your website and increase the conversion rate. In today?s digital world, no matter how good an SEO will be, it may not be enough to generate traffic.

The new ways of marketing require creativity and understanding of user behavior. In order for a site to become a success in the digital age, you need to be creative in how you market your product or service. To do this, you need help from your website?s content creators, who are educated about user behavior and what they want from you.

With a huge amount of settings to master in Google Ads, it is easy to get lost when setting up a display campaign. Even if it is not your first GDN campaign, you can still struggle with?task prioritization, figuring out the right boxes to tick and the right options to choose; this is why we developed the step-by-step checklist below. You just need to choose the primary goal of the campaign and we will generate an actionable how-to guide to help you at every stage, from choosing the right audiences to fine-tuning the landing pages. You will be able to check the completed tasks to track your progress and see how many steps are left to completion.

Targeting by a life event is another powerful method in GDN. It allows you to identify those who:

By developing personalized ad creatives for these audiences (see the 'Ad Creatives' section of the checklist) you will be able to raise your CTR and conversion rate. A hotel or a car rental company, for example, can launch a campaign aimed at couples who are planning their honeymoon trip, highlighting some special offers.

Interest-based targeting is always a strong choice for display ads, increasing the likelihood that your ad will be shown to someone who would take action on it. You can target generic interests like ?Business Professionals,? or get specific with options including ?Banking & Finance.

This tactic is great if you?re targeting cold audiences who come from a variety of demographics, but typically have niche interests. Some people would never dream of dropping $500 on a blender, for example, if you target users who are ?Cooking Enthusiasts,? you will have a better chance of striking gold with a successful campaign.

Useful tip: sometimes you see that the audience you chose is too narrow. So if you need to expand the coverage of your ads, you can try other audiences that are not directly related to your target customers, but still can be relevant. Our Display Advertising tool will help you with some insights. Type in your competitor's domain name and explore the most popular topics of the publishers placing this domain's ads.