How To Choose The Right Link-Building Service for Your Business


How to Choose the Right Link Building Company For Your Business

It is essential to do some homework before you choose the right link building company for your website. This blog post will help you to prepare your mind for how and what kind of analysis you should do.

Final Thoughts: Selecting The Right Link-Building Services for Your Business

This is a guide for the entrepreneurs that want to make the right choice when it comes to link-building services. It will help you understand the advantages and disadvantages of each service, what it does and doesn't do, how to reach your target audience effectively, what kind of work they do and where they stand in relation to their competitors.

This article is based on experiences of our own company - -that we have accumulated over the past years. That way we can share with you everything that can help you become a better online marketer in 2017.

Follow These 5 Steps to Get Quality, Professional, and Affordable Services From a Link Building Company!

1. Conduct market analysis to understand your target audience and competition.

Identify the target audience, competitors, and barriers to success for each niche. This will help you in building a brand image and helping you in marketing your services.

2. Identify your ideal buyer persona through customer interviews and research studies.

Who are your ideal clients? What are their needs and goals? Do they fit with your product designs and needs?

The research found that there is a definite correlation between the age of the customer and his/her purchasing pattern. Take for example, a customer in his 30s who buys $50 worth of products every month. He might be a casual buyer who buys products once or twice on a month basis. But he might also be one of the people who spends $100+ on an item every few weeks. A more mature customer might go through different buying patterns such as, "I'll buy X product once a year," "I only buy Y product once per year," etc. It is important to understand what his or her buying patterns are so that you can create marketing materials which will appeal to

3. Determine the type of content you need to publish by considering engagement level& language used in prior marketing campaigns/websites/blogs #business #marketing #linkbuilding #copywriting


It is important to determine what type of content you want to publish because it will determine the medium you choose to use.

A. Content marketing: ?Content generated for an online site or e-commerce website.

I. High quality content: Written articles with a lot of technical information, videos etc.

II. Social media marketing: Written content that emphasizes on social media, such as blogs and websites promoting a certain topic or industry, that are highly interactive (eg: Facebook Pages).

III. E-commerce marketing: Blogs and websites related to shopping or selling products online, with specific pricing and payment details such as shipping and returns policies, etc. This is usually not written in the native language of your target audience (e.g.: Chinese).


What is link building?

Link building is the process of having external websites link to the content on your website. If the page linking to you has a high page authority, then that PA will be shared with your page. This helps Google determine the ranking for your webpage.?

Why is link building important?

In the world of SEO, backlinks can be considered recommendations from an outside party. A backlink from a reputable website indicates what you?re presenting on your website is of good value.?

If a website with a high ranking in a certain area of expertise links back to you, that is a massive vote of confidence for your website, which can encourage search engines to believe in your content too.

Link Building Best Practices

Link building is a complex job with big rewards. However, if done the wrong way you can be penalized by Google.?

The Skyscraper technique

  1. Find a piece of content in your industry or field of expertise that is performing well. The easiest way is to use Google and look at the top 3 search results.

  2. Create a piece of content that is more current or helpful than the top 3 search results. Do more with your content than what is already there.

  3. Promote your content. If you have mentioned people or websites in your article, reach out to them, tell them, and have them link to your content as a reciprocal gesture.


Bad ways to acquire backlinks

Don?t buy links

This tactic of buying links may have worked in the early 2000s, but it is no longer an effective strategy.

Buying links doesn?t guarantee the links will be helpful or relevant to your site. A large swathe of irrelevant links pointing to your site will likely earn a penalization from Google.

5 things to consider when choosing a link-building service

1. Site Reputation & Link Quality

To determine reputation, you could look to a site?s authority score, which forecasts how well a website will rank on a SERP.?Scores are ranked on a scale of 1?100. The higher the score, the higher the likelihood of the page ranking high in Google?s SERP.

2. Automation Process

As mentioned above, automated emails can feel impersonal and won?t net as many positive returns as a custom email. Of course, you can customize some templates to make the process of emailing more efficient.

The flip side to automation is scheduling and following up on leads and link requests. If you?ve spent the time creating content and then have a service send out link requests, you need to follow up

3. Service Cost

If a service costs more, will it do more for you? Are you paying for a large agency? Does it feel like good value to you?

Feel free to compare different services to see if there are similarities in pricing and features.

What will be the return on investment? Do you want a guaranteed amount of links or quality of links?

Do you get monthly reports as part of your investment? Are you given any visibility into the process as part of your investment? What return will you be happy with?

The better the backlink, the better your potential search result. How this translates to revenue depends on your website and where the link lands. A financial ROI may be difficult to measure.

4. What is the backlink profile of the service?

Backlink profile is used to determine a website?s reputation. Site like Google and Bing rank websites based on backlink profile and their information is available in Google Analytics dashboard.

5. Reviews

Reviews are an important marketing tool for online businesses. They help in increasing sales, and also in boosting brand recognition, creating buzz and awareness about a product/service.

How can Semrush?s Link Building Tool help?

With the help of Semrush?s link building tool, you can quickly build your first page in Google. By doing this, you?ll be able to obtain links from multiple sources at the same time.

This is an example of how you can use Semrush's Link Building Tool to build your first page in Google:

How Semrush?s link building tool works

Step 1: Set up the project?

You?ll need to create a project for your domain to use this tool. Once a project is created (or if you have one already), navigate to the tool from your project dashboard.

Step 2: Add target keywords and competitors?

This step is merely a means to an end. It doesn't actually do anything to your content.

Step 3: Select appropriate domains

Which domains are relevant to your campaign or your industry??

Which domains are appropriate to acquire backlinks from? You don?t want links from domains associated with shady industries or link farms. This may harm your site?s Google ranking.

Step 4: Reach out to the selected domains

Visit the websites you wish to reach out to. You can use a link building tool like Semrush?s or a tool like Hunter for Chrome to find the names and email addresses of people attached to the website and the company. (Hunter is a paid service, so keep that in mind.)

Once you have names and email addresses, send out your standard email for backlinks, and have a follow-up process in place

Have a standard email sent out every day to your list. Follow up with the same email every week, and continue to do so for 4 months.

Key Takeaways

Link building is an important part of the overall SEO strategy. You can do it yourself or you can trust a company to do backlink outreach for you.

Do some research and use the Link Building tool to check out the domain of the company you?re planning to bring your campaign to. Research and patience will ensure you make a good decision and prevent you from wasting time or resources.?