? ? ? ? ? ?How to Use User-Testing for Video Marketing Campaigns


When it comes to user-testing, the most popular method is to use a smartphone or tablet. However, there are some problems with this method. First of all, users find it hard to navigate the interface and the results are not always reliable; second, they don?t always like what they see and trustworthiness is a major issue when user testing on mobile devices.

Instead of using an app or using a smartphone or tablet to test videos for their online marketing campaign, why not focus on testing them in person? Anyone who has been able to experience something new can explain that feeling - you can?t just take something for granted. By doing so, your customers will be more likely to buy your product or services if they know that you have actually tested them in real life!


The 5 Steps You Need to Get Started With Usability Testing Now!

Sometimes, you just need to validate the usability of your product or website. The most common kinds of usability tests are focus groups, surveys and click-through experiments. But none of them is 100% accurate; they give you an overview about your site's user experience, but don't necessarily tell you much more than that.

Keywords: How I Made My First Sales in No Time At All!

I focused on the keywords. I used them to figure out my niche and target audience - so that I could start making sales. There is no secret to this, it is a matter of common sense:

The key to finding a keyword that will keep you relevant in your industry and market for long is just the right combination of knowledge, curiosity and creativity.

One thing you have to be careful about when using keywords: you must not use too many of them or your site will get crowded with irrelevant search results.


In case you weren?t aware, video content is surging at the moment. 45% of people watch over an hour of Facebook or YouTube videos every week.

It's one of the must-do?SEO?tasks?of?the?day and while brands should certainly create in-house videos to communicate with their audiences, often?the best publicity comes from user-generated video content such as product reviews.

Sure, you can create a polished sales video with a company representative narrating the benefits of your new product - but nothing conveys authenticity like a piece of user-generated content.

In fact, engagement increases by 28% when consumers can view a mixture of user-generated product videos, and official brand authored content.

On YouTube, user-generated content receives 10X more views than content created and published by the brand.

People trust recommendations from other customers more than they trust brands. Promoting user-generated content is a great way to build trust and credibility while expanding your outreach.

Ways To Utilize Customers For Better Product Reviews

Contact your best customers (ideally those who have made repeat purchases) and offer them a discount code or free giveaway in exchange for a review. Smartphone recording quality is perfectly acceptable. In fact, lower quality can make the review seem more credible.

If you are selling hair extensions, you could pay a YouTube influencer to create a hairstyling tutorial video using your product. If you are selling shaving equipment, you could pay an influencer to create a video demonstrating how to do the perfect shave.

In addition to a flat payment, you can offer affiliate commissions when they put the product link in the description to the video.

As an alternative to standard product reviews, consider including your product in educational user-generated videos. The benefit of this is that you are imparting valuable knowledge while subtly promoting your product at the same time.