How to Use Semrush to Analyze and Improve Your Display Advertising Program


Let?s look at how Semrush can be used to analyze your advertising program and optimize it for high performance.

While looking at your display ad program, you should consider:


How to Plan for the Future of Display Advertising Like Any Other Marketing Strategy


We are constantly faced with the challenge of positioning our products and services to get more customers. To acquire new customers, we need to convince them that the right product or service is both available and fits their needs.

While targeting may not be an issue anymore, understanding how audiences react to advertising is. And so, there is a need for better understanding of how digital advertising works in order for us to be able to create effective ads that can generate clicks and sales without any additional investments or updating.

Follow These 4 Steps to Plan for the Future of Your Display Advertising Program

1. Understand the purpose of advertising.

2. Describe the nature of your audience.

3. Understand the impact of different price points on your target audience and the value they are willing to pay for your product or service.

4. Determine what channels and platforms you should use to communicate with these potential customers effectively and efficiently .

How businesses can improve their display advertising performance by using SEMrush's new insights

Google Display Network, with more than two million websites and six hundred fifty thousand apps, is one of the most influential and profitable digital marketing channels that the majority of Fashion & Lifestyle companies underutilize. It can be a goldmine of targeted, quality traffic at a lower cost.


This article will cover essential knowledge for fashion vertical such as:

How to Find the Most Impactful Google Display Data for Your Business

Display Advertising Stats Statistics Revealed! The Facts About Google Display Advertising

What's the difference between display advertising and search ads?

Display ads are placed on websites and in design of mobile apps, they are aimed at getting customers to come back to the website or app. Google Adwords is a type of display advertising that allows advertisers to target keywords, users and devices across multiple websites. For example, if you are promoting cleaning services in a newspaper article you would use Google Adwords for the keywords 'spa' and 'cleaning

How do we know what ads are relevant to us?

Truth: we use ads to target specific interests and the decisions we make are based on information that is provided to us.

How does Google serve ads based on your behavior on the web?

Google Adwords has changed the way we buy and sell products online. It's becoming the go-to source for advertisers. Google has made it possible to reach millions of people every day on the web without spending a dime.

What does it mean for businesses when they see their ads on websites other than their own?

Read for your self the article at http://www.flickr.com/photos/12398227@N04/5545666243/in/set-72157652188297841/.

Follow These Steps to Find the Most Effective& Impactful Google Display Ads For Your Business

1. Conduct a google search for "Google display advertising" and look at its stats.

2. Perform a simple math equation to calculate how many times your ads are shown on a page. If you already know that your ads are seen 20% of the time, add 20% of your ad's viewable budget to determine the true value of whatever number you get. Then multiply it by 100%: 100 x 20 = 200%.

A good way to test these numbers is by running some calculations yourself, then comparing them. The purpose of this analysis is to underline the importance of creative writing and copywriting skills.


Google?s Display network is the largest in the world, with 90% reach across all internet users worldwide. Despite this, it is still not uncommon to find hesitation amongst marketers to use this part of the marketing platform.

If you are feeling a little intimidated or aren?t sure where to start, know that there is enormous potential on the platform. Your ads could potentially appear on more than two million different sites and more than 650,000 apps, meaning that you can follow your audience and connect with them anywhere they are online.

To hopefully help assuage some of that doubt, Semrush has compiled information from more than 40 million impressions from the top Google Display Network (GDN) ecommerce advertisers?and 23 million impressions from the top GDN ecommerce publishers. All of this data was pulled from our Display Advertising tool, and it is?all fresh, as it was sourced within the last three months.

As a result, we have uncovered insights to help ecommerce advertising specialists and businesses use the display network to their advantage while making more data-driven decisions, ultimately resulting in more leads, more sales, and more profit.