Dr Hina Sra, Founder Cosmebeaute


I’m glad I chose to migrate with ClinicSoftware.com. Things are sorted very quickly, I’ve had instances where I have had to add consent forms for new treatments and they have been added within the hour because I have had patients waiting. It’s a really good service.

One of my favourite features is where you can compare the pictures. So we see patients over 6 months and we are doing various treatments on them so we need to be able to show them various parts of their body that they came in treat. We are able to take before pictures and compare that with the present results. That is really nice because you can have them side by side and it shows that actually you have gone through a lot of change because sometimes patient just don’t realise the change unless they see the pictures side by side.

I also like the courses section where instead of counting the number of times the clients are coming in for the facials and the treatments it actually lists it very nicely. Every time you book an appointment it takes a course away so you know how many are left on the course for that patient. I like the way that we can choose the instalments as well and how they can pay because it provides more flexibility to our patients which means that we get more customers. They know that they do not have to pay like £3000 in one go they can pay over 4 or 2 instalments or whatever they are financially capable of doing.

When I want to do a customisation it is quiet easy, I can change certain information in an email myself and when it comes to changing something on the website for selling products it has been quiet easy because I literally sat down with the team, I explained what my vision was, how I wanted the page to look like and they created it exactly like how I wanted so it was very easy.

Our online booking is based on skin types: dry skin, combination skin and oily skin and then the patient will click on dry skin for example and it will tell them that they need this product or that product then it goes to the next stage to add SPF. Then it just puts everything in their basket and when they check out it can remove stuff from their basket and edit it. Then they can choose how they want it to be delivered.