Q1. If your goal is to get your article published on an external blog, how do you choose the right one and convince the editor to publish it?

If you are a fiction writer and the editor decides to publish your story in an open source magazine for example, then you will have to convince him or her that your story is worth publishing on their website.

You can use any method that will help you persuade them to publish your article.

One big goal many content marketers share is to get their writing not just on their own blogs, but on other big publications, too. While this may seem easy based on the sheer number of publications online, this is a lot harder than you might think. A lot of work will go into choosing the right publications to send your pitches or posts to, and you will have to show the editor that it will be a good fit.

Q2. When it comes to writing an article, what are some of the tools/tricks you use to get ideas for useful and unique content?

The most popular and the most frequently used writing tool is a simple text editor called Scrivener. It?s a simple text editor which supports almost any writing style and facilitates interaction between the writer and their reader. It also allows you to use different styles for different moods, situations or texts.

One of the best ways to write great content that?s both useful and unique is to write posts designed to answer questions that customers, colleagues, and industry peers have asked. This is a sure-fire way to provide value, and if they are asking these questions, it may be because they couldn?t find answers anywhere else. You can use Quora, Reddit, and Google's auto-suggest to find some of these questions.

Q3. What are the best ways to repurpose an evergreen blog post?

Evergreen blog posts are great; they will stay valuable and relevant for a long period of time, and often continue to be shared and utilized as a resource. This will bring plenty of traffic to your blog. They also have the enormous benefit of being excellent to repurpose, giving you more bang for your content buck.

Q4. What are some of the most unusual ways someone could distribute their content?

A lot of emphases is placed on creating and publishing your content.?Distribution, however, can matter just as much, and this is an area that a lot of content marketers will fall short. Because of this, we asked our chat participants about new, innovative ways writers can distribute their content and get it in front of their audience. These should be used in addition to your conventional distribution methods, which your readers may come to expect to hear from you through.

Q5. What are some of your favorite books, resources, or online courses you could suggest in order for someone to refine their writing style?

What you choose to write about will determine whether you get shares, but in many cases, your writing style can affect whether or not people even read past the first paragraph. Strong grammar and well-written posts will make you seem more credible and are easier for your viewers to read, while writing in an SEO-friendly manner, will help boost your organic readership.?