What automated messages can I send to clients?

In an era of instant gratification, the speed and efficiency of communication can significantly influence your clinic, spa, or salon's client relationships and satisfaction. Our CRM software includes an Auto Response Email and SMS feature designed to ensure your clients receive immediate, automated responses to their inquiries, bookings, or any other interactions with your business.

Automated messages help you engage with your clients and keep them updated about their appointments. They can be sent via text message, email and in-app notifications via the ClinicSoftware app, and are proven to increase client engagement, reducing no-shows by up to 30%.

ClinicSoftware gives partners a monthly text balance quota based on their account activity to support sending automated messages by text. Automated messages sent by email and in-app notifications are free of charge. Your text balance can also be topped up as required. Read more about Auto top-ups here.

Our automated messages include the following features:

  • 24/7 automated support in contacting clients
  • Standardised templates with smart features
  • Can be used for manual and online bookings
  • Support for multiple languages

There are 7 types of automated messages that can be sent to your clients:

New appointment

When an appointment is booked, a new appointment notification will be sent to the client confirming the booking and any appointment details. These include:

  • Date
  • Time
  • Address
  • Directions
  • Service & service price (the price can be hidden if you choose)
  • Cancellation policy details

A link is also provided for the client to manage the booking by rescheduling or cancelling, if required.

Upcoming appointment reminder

You can send up to 3 reminders in advance of an upcoming appointment and can choose when you’d like them to be sent to ensure your clients don’t forget about their booking and reduce no-shows. Click here to find out more.

Rescheduled appointment

If the start time of the appointment has changed, these notifications confirm to the client that their appointment has been rescheduled and provides a summary of the updated appointment details.

Cancelled appointment

When an appointment has been cancelled by you or the client, this notification will be sent to the client confirming the cancellation and providing them with a summary of the cancelled appointment information – including any late cancellation fees incurred according to your cancellation policy.

Did not show up

If a client has been marked as a ‘no-show’, these notifications will let the client know that they didn’t attend their appointment and provide a summary of any no-show fees incurred according to your cancellation policy. 

Thank you for visiting

Once an appointment has been completed and checked out, this notification is sent to the client thanking them for visiting your business and will prompt them to review and rate your service. They can also leave a tip and will be provided with a copy of the sales invoice. In the email version of this automated message, your clients will receive any aftercare information you specify in the service menu.

Thank you for tipping

If the client chooses to tip after their appointment has been completed, this notification will automatically be sent to clients thanking them for doing so.

NOTE: The notifications a client can receive are determined by the preferences selected in their ClinicSoftware account settings and/or their Client profile.

NOTE: The monthly text balance quota is applied to countries with paid features.

Immediate Client Engagement
Our Auto Response feature allows you to engage with clients immediately, even outside of your business hours. This immediate response can enhance client satisfaction, increase loyalty, and set your business apart in a competitive market. Consistent Communication
The Auto Response feature ensures that all communication is consistent and in line with your brand voice. Each automatic email or SMS is crafted based on templates that you can customize to reflect your brand's tone and message.
Time-Saving Automation
By automating email and SMS responses, you free up valuable time for your staff to focus on more crucial tasks. This can increase your team's productivity and efficiency, leading to improved business performance.
Enhanced Client Experience
Immediate responses can significantly enhance the client experience. Whether it's a confirmation of an appointment booking, a response to an inquiry, or a follow-up message after a service, auto responses ensure your clients feel acknowledged and valued.
Integrated CRM Experience
Like all our CRM features, the Auto Response Email and SMS feature is fully integrated, providing a holistic view of each client interaction. This integrated approach can lead to better client management, improved service delivery, and ultimately, higher client satisfaction.
In conclusion, the Auto Response Email and SMS feature is a powerful tool for any clinic, spa, or salon seeking to improve client engagement, communication consistency, staff productivity, and overall client experience. Embrace the power of automated communication with our innovative CRM software.