8 Signs of Facebook Ads Issues and How To Fix Them


For almost two years, Facebook has been under fire for not being transparent with its users about the problems of its advertising platform, resulting in many concerning and sometimes controversial posts in their media.

This article aims to give you a detailed guide on how to fix the issues you have encountered when running your ads.

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Many businesses are aware of the incredible potential of Facebook Ads. You can establish brand awareness, promote events, generate leads, drive sales, and build customer trust through a series of paid campaigns on the platform.

However, plenty of advertisers struggle to get the results they want with Facebook and Instagram Ads. They fail to generate clicks or conversions, or, when they do, the results simply don?t make for a good return on investment (ROI).?

If you are worried your ads are underperforming, the solutions almost certainly exist.

Let?s take a look at how you can identify and fix the five signs of underperforming ads on Facebook.?

How to Optimize to Avoid Facebook Ads Issues

Facebook has strict rules and guidelines around their ad system, including who you can advertise to, what can and cannot be advertised, what types of images and copy can be used, and even how they are used in the live ads themselves.?

For instance, it will give the broadest reach to ads containing images or video thumbnails with text covering 20% or less of the media, and may not approve ads that attribute negative traits to the viewer.

If your ads fail to meet Facebook?s quality standards, they are likely to fall short in reach and might get rejected altogether. Be sure to check your emails for the notifications - they can easily be missed.?

These issues can impact your ad spend and the effectiveness of your ad campaigns, so they need to be adhered to as closely as possible.?

One way to go about this is to set automated rules on Facebook. When you create these in Ads Manager, you can pause, adjust, or stop campaigns based on any number of actions.?

If you want your ad to be served to the same person no more than three times, for example, you could set a rule stating that all campaigns with ad frequencies of four or higher are to be paused automatically.?

Automated rules can be useful, but they are not foolproof. Trying to set them for all campaigns can be time-consuming and prone to errors that end up hurting your campaigns instead of helping them.?

SEMrush?s new ad management tool in the Social Media toolkit can help with this. As well as making it easy to create and manage ads, it flags any shortcomings and tells you why. Take a look at this example:?


8 Common Facebook Ad Mistakes and How to Resolve Them?

There are multiple signs that can indicate issues with your ads. Some can be difficult to troubleshoot, but some are easy to identify and quick to fix with the right Facebook Ads optimization tools.

Here, we?ll take a look at each one and how to address them based on advice from our Paid Social team at SEMrush.

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8 signs of Facebook ads issues and how to fix them:

Facebook ads are one of the most popular forms of advertising. But they can also be a source of problems. These problems can be solved with a bit of knowledge and experience.

Examples of company profile on Facebook ads.

#1: "why is there no display ad?"

Every day, content is generated by people all over the world. They have a wide variety of skills and experience, and some of them are much better than others.

The problem with display ads is that they are not very useful to users as they do not provide relevant information about the product or service.

#2 : "my ad always goes out after my page is live"

If you have a site that is not available on search engines, or your ad doesn't go out as expected, you can simply use an AI writing assistant. It will set the page up in such a way that it appears on search engines.

A number of companies are currently building AI writing assistants to improve sales processes and increase conversions. The most popular ones include:

#3 : "one person's click is not the same as a group's click"

A good copywriting is not just about writing. It's also about how you present your ideas to the reader. If you don't do that, you will fail to create a well-written product.

#4:"ad groups only show one person"

Ad groups should show only one person, not two or more, to get the maximum effectiveness. However, according to research by Google, the vast majority of ad groups only show one person.

#5:"the ad disappears automatically after 12 hours"

The ad disappears automatically after 12 hours. It is really annoying for customers. A lot of people think that they can't help it and delete the ads altogether. The new technology: The Ad Clearinghouse removes unwanted ads from apps, websites, social media and digital products after a certain period of time. It is a system that stops the garbage left on the internet by advertisers.

#6 : "there are too many clicks from people who think they are helping me."

Copywriting is not a one-way process. It needs to include the fact that humans are always looking for information and can't help themselves from clicking on links.

Click-based online marketing tools, like Google Adwords, share their success with copywriters. They give you the opportunity to monetize your content without having to write it yourself, and many of them make it possible to make money by just clicking on ads.