31 Instagram Hacks, Tips,& Features Everyone Should Know

Instagram apps have rapidly evolved over the past few years. With new features and updates being introduced every day, it's becoming difficult to keep up with these changes. However, there are a few hacks that you can use to make your Instagram life easier.

There are also some handy tips that you should know about Instagram that will help you get the most out of your social media platform.

Instagram is constantly changing and updating their features so it's important to stay updated on what the latest releases are before getting stuck in a rut.

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Use Hashtags Strategically to Improve Reach and Engagement

Hashtags are a powerful tool to get your content the maximum reach and engagement. However, as many people have learned, excessive use of hashtags can make your content less popular.

The best way to find out which hashtags are the most popular is by googling them.

For example if you want to find out the top ten trending hashtags for #fitness, you can search any of these:

#fitness #fitfam #yoga #workout #healthyeating #lifestyleyoga #fitathlete


What are the Best Instagram Filters?

We all know that Instagram is the place for having a good time. It has turned into a social media platform which is perfect for entertaining yourself and others.

Instagram filters for photos are becoming increasingly popular because they make our pictures look more beautiful and cute. Before you post your photos, it?s important to understand the best filters you can use on Instagram.

There are many different kinds of filters Instagram offers and each filter has its own effect. The following explain what each filter does:

- VSCO: The VSCO filter allows users to adjust the contrast of their photo, making it more vivid or dark depending on their preference

- Tilt Shift: The Tilt Shift filter gives a surreal look to your photo by adding depth and perspective in order to create an

Work on Your Sharing Ratio to Connect With Others

Share to connect. That?s a common phrase among users of social media. But it?s not the only advice you should follow to improve your social media presence.

It is important that you share unique and interesting content on your social media platforms to keep your followers engaged and sharing more with you in return. This will help increase your chances of getting more clients, for example.

Optimize Visual Content for Maximum Impact and Reach

Visual content is a highly valuable asset in any marketing strategy. Brands need to ensure that the visual content they show off their brand has been optimized in order to maximize impact and reach.

The following are some tips for creating visually engaging content:

- Utilize color schemes, typography, and filters to reflect the brand's colors, personality, or needs.

- Use various types of mediums like photography, illustrations or videos.

- Make sure that your images are optimized for Instagram by using square photos with a white border and a black background.

Set Up an Event for Increased Engagement and Accountability

Social media is crucial for any marketing campaign. It allows you to have a relationship with your clients and build that trust over time.

But social media is also an opportunity for brands to be transparent and show their true colors. If a company needs to build trust, they should use social media as a platform for providing more information about their company culture and values.

The key idea of this article is to show how companies can show transparency on their social accounts by using specific tactics such as live Q&A's and video interviews.