How to Handle Dis-satisfaction on a Sales Call

When a prospect tells you that they are not interested in your product, there are a few ways to handle this situation. One way is for the salesperson to take feedback, and that is okay. Another method is by asking questions to find out if something about the offer would change their mind.

A third way of handling the situation is by asking for feedback on how they could improve their offer. This will allow them to make changes -if needed- with the prospect's input in mind.

At times, it is hard for people who are not used to selling and don't see themselves as sellers. It can be difficult to bring up certain topics or questions when you're on a sales call, especially when approached by someone who is already convinced that what you're offering isn't good enough for them

28 Most Common Questions on a Sales Call

1. What are your objections?

This is the most common question that salespeople ask in order to gauge how willing their prospects are to work with them.

The answer to this question helps salespeople decide on the best strategy they should use during a conversation. It also gives the prospect a chance to talk about their concerns or objections.

1) What is your budget for this project?

2) What would be your ideal timeline for this project?

3) Is it possible that we could potentially start later than anticipated?

4) Do you have any questions about our company?

2. What can we do to make this an easier decision?

There are many options that you can choose from when you want to hire an AI writer. You can hire them as-is or outsource the process.

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3. What is the next step for me? or How can I help you?

When you're considering a career in content marketing, the next step is to learn more about it and see if it's right for you.

1. Find out what you want to learn:

2. Search for content marketing courses on Udemy:

3. Read articles on Medium about content marketing:

4. Gather information from experts in the field and ask them questions:

5. See if any organizations are hiring for content marketers

4. How often does something like this happen with your team?

With time, it has become more difficult to find good freelance copywriters. As a result, companies who need content have turned to other ways of finding writers. One such way is through AI writing assistants.

This is one great example of how AI writing assistants are becoming popular in the workforce. The ability to manage and produce vast amounts of content at scale has allowed for more efficient and creative work.

Copywriting has always been a time-consuming job, requiring a deep knowledge of an area or niche. With the abundance of freelancers in the market, finding skilled content writers can be difficult for managers and business owners who need their services; this is where AI writing assistants come into play.

5. Can you help me understand how we've helped others in the past?

We can help clients with different skillsets in different ways. Here are some examples of how we've helped others in the past:

- We helped a local e-commerce company gain more sales through various content marketing tactics

- We helped a client with improved conversions by optimizing their newsletter

- We helped an apparel company design and launch its first line of high-end, limited edition products

6. How would you handle this if it happened at work or in one of your other roles, and how can I get better at that skill as well?

In this role-playing scenario, you get to choose how you would handle the situation and how other people can best support you.

I would feel embarrassed if my boss found out that I had been doing this for a while. I would try to find something else to do in order to keep my job.

What are some of the ways that you or your colleagues might be able to help?

7. Can we revisit this and re-engage later with our best ideas so far in

I want to see if I can re-engage with my best ideas so far.

If you don't like any of the submissions received, then I would recommend starting over and allowing the community to brainstorm on this topic before you finalize your idea. It's important that we really think about what is important for us in our content to ensure that it sticks and is memorable.

7. Can we revisit this and re-engage later with our best ideas so far in?

We should not think of these AI writers as a replacement for human copywriters. They just provide assistance to the content writers by getting rid of writer?s block and generating content ideas at scale.