What Are the One Hundred Most Common Sales Probing Questions?

To help sales professionals understand the key areas of their buyers? needs, a company called AMZTracker conducted a study that analyzed the 100 most common questions that buyers ask.

The questions are broken down into four groups: product/service-related, industry-related, location-related, and personal motivation. Each question is followed by how often it was asked by buyers during the analysis period.

Sales professionals should be able to answer these questions with ease in order to provide valuable customer support and close the sale!

How to Sell Yourself in Your First Conversation

This is a very important conversation for you to have. It will help your career in the most beneficial way possible.

?How do I sell myself in my first conversation?? This is an interesting question. You might be asking this question because you just want to know how to prepare for the first time you meet with a potential employer or boss after sending your resume and cover letter.

The real question here is how do I sell myself in a conversation that may be brief or one-on-one? The key here is really about building rapport with the person you are speaking with and then moving into selling yourself and your skillset after establishing that rapport. For example, if this person has been on the phone for an hour, it would be beneficial to ask about their family or hobbies while

How to Respond When Someone Asks You Why You're Selling What You're Selling

When you are trying to sell a product, whether it is at a business or social event, there is the inevitable question: "Why are you selling this?"

Selling is a competitive activity. When someone asks you why you're selling what you're selling, it's important to come up with an answer that demonstrates your value and experience.

It's easy to react badly when this question is asked about the reason behind your product or service. Instead of feeling defensive and evasive, consider these five steps for how to respond:

How to Respond When They Ask If There's a Commission

It is common to face the commission question when you are hired as a contractor. So, how should you respond?

No, I don't have a commission plan.

I see myself as an equal partner with my employer and do not like to enter into arrangements that are based on some sort of compensation plan in advance.

I don't like to answer this question because it is too vague and I want us to agree on our terms for the engagement first, so please ask again later.

5 Ways to Determine if Someone Wants to Buy From You or Just Chat

This is a detailed article about how to determine if someone wants to buy from you or just chat.

You want to know whether the person who is engaging with your brand and content actually wants to make a purchase or just be a part of the conversation that you're hosting. Well, there are some ways that you can find out.

First, see what they're doing on your website. A customer who's ready to make a purchase will typically have more than one interaction with your brand and content before they decide whether or not they want to buy from you. On the other hand, a customer who wants just an exchange of words will typically only have one interaction before leaving without buying anything.

3 Ways To Get People Talking About Your Offer

There are many different ways to get people talking about your offer. It all depends on the positioning of the offer. There are three different types of offers that businesses can use to generate conversations:

1. A persuasive offer

2. An emotional offer

3. A comparative offer

A persuasive offer is an actionable idea, which gives people a reason to act right away and talk about it with others, while an emotional or comparative offer is meant to create a feeling of empathy or jealousy in other people, respectively.